EA has teased that something spooky is on its way to The Sims 4. Are we ready? I have no idea; they haven’t told me what it is.

So, let’s speculate. On the “okay, that would be kind of great” end of the spectrum, it could be a Supernatural/Makin’ Magic-like expansion which gives us back our ghosts, and maybe lobs in magic and alchemy and a lot of the otherworldly silliness that’s kinda absent from The Sims 4 itself.

On the “oh for crying out loud” side of the spectrum, it could be a DLC pack of Halloween-themed decorations and costumes, and possibly the ability to throw a Halloween party. That would be terrifying, but probably not in the way EA hoped. Somewhere in the middle would be… I don’t know. The ability to add Death to your town as a family member, or something.

There are all sorts of possibilities, but honestly, I’ll be somewhat pleased if it’s anything other than purely cosmetic stuff. If this turns out to just be pumpkins and bat-shaped lights and things like that, I’m going to sigh.

We’ll find out more soon, I suppose. Whatever sort of The Sims 4 stuff this might be, I’d imagine it’s going to be launched sometime around Halloween. Not too long to wait.


Hope it’s a Supernatural type expansion pack